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The State of Texas requires anyone who is going to work on a lawn sprinkler system, or is going to install a new lawn sprinkler system, to have an irrigator's license. A 2000 dollar fine can be issued to anyone who works on a lawn sprinkler system or attempts to install a new sprinkler system without a license. A homeowner can work on his/her lawn sprinkler system without a license. A plumber is also exempt from the licensing requirement.

No other person or company is exempt from the licensing requirement.

That means no landscapers, handymen, or any other person who claims to be able to fix lawn sprinklers can touch these systems if they do not have a licensed irrigator's license.


Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the TCEQ
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087
Phone number 512-239-1000

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